"'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear' Lao Tzu says and this is exactly what happened when I met Liz. If you are looking to dive deep into your essence and really discover what is meaningful to you, Liz is the coach you’re looking for. She is so calm, caring and dedicated you will instantly feel you know her from another life. She has helped me so much already on better understanding myself and expanding my awareness. I was reluctant before deciding to invest in coaching, but she really is worth every penny. Very down to earth, patient and genuinely caring she provides you with the space you need to connect with yourself and better function in your day-to-day life. Do not hesitate! Invest in your wellbeing, is your most valuable asset."

Andreea, London

"I looked for life coaching to help move me out of a place where I felt stuck in a job that was taking all my time and energy but which I felt overwhelmed by the consequences of giving up. Liz provided an excellent space to work through all of my thinking around my career and explore the possibilities of what a change might look like. She is such a supportive listener and her insight and intelligence helped to challenge my thinking and move me into taking action. As well as the feedback in the session, she provided detailed notes which have helped greatly to clarify things for myself. I would recommend Liz’s sessions to anyone feeling stuck or wanting to make positive changes in their career and life."

Nicola A - London


"I had my first life coaching experience with Liz after feeling very lost and unmotivated in the aftermath of lockdown. It was a great help having a safe space to talk and to actively look at and pick apart my thoughts. Liz helped me gain a greater understanding of myself by challenging my thought processes, helping me uncover my core values and to understand how they tie into life, careers and society. [She] may not have fixed my feelings [of being] lost because she doesn't have a magic wand to get life back to pre-COVID times but has definitely given me tools to help me feel less anxious about it and steep it out! (In joke!)"

Zoe, London

"Liz was encouraging and kind when discussing issues which were very important to me and had affected me greatly for a long time. Liz helped me find the confidence to try new things and to think of actions I was taking in a new light. I am very grateful for her support."

Rebecca, Hertfordshire

"Liz is a naturally intuitive and empathetic coach who genuinely longs to see her clients achieve clarity and release their creativity to full potential. Her sessions are informative, respectful and always friendly. I always leave re-energised and re-focused. Liz has helped me reach personal and professional goals and has helped me develop tools for strategic planning and for forming wellbeing habits. I highly recommend Liz as a life coach."

Christina, London

"Liz's life coaching has truly provided me with moments of joy and self-exploration. I felt comfortable throughout the coaching sessions with Liz. She provided helpful ways to evaluate my life challenges with non-judgemental ways and helped me explore options in diverse perspectives. I found that the coaching lessons were beneficial. Liz is observant, insightful, and well organized. I am truly grateful for receiving her tips and thoughtful guidance. They have become the instrumental and practical tool in the journey of my life transition. I have particularly enjoyed taking her suggestion on incorporating something fun or joyful things into my daily routine. For example, I was able to include simple things in my schedule, such as taking a daily walk, practicing mindful breathing, thinking about personal values vs. family values. They were helpful and I have gained great lessons." 

Valentina, USA

"There are many things that I like about Liz's approach to coaching such as her prompt and professional communication (via email then on zoom) from the get go, her ability to listen carefully and really observe what isn't explicitly stated and her true integrity amongst others. The intro session determined that I needed a business mentor rather than coaching and Liz actually suggested this to me. I think it's rare to find someone who genuinely puts client's needs above profit and her approach and honesty inspired me to book a single follow up session to really ascertain my core values. The session was excellent and the notes that she sent me after have given me even more to look into. I am really grateful for the care, attention and thoughtful way in which she runs her extremely professional coaching service.

Even though I need more specific business mentoring I will definitely be booking another session in 6 months as I think she just knows how to help you find your own answers which change with time. I would definitely recommend her to anyone."

Abi Simson, Bristol 

Due to the confidential nature of coaching, not all names are given in full