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Everyone has the potential to change their life.

The first big change I made in my life was deciding to overcome my debilitating social anxiety which I knew was holding me back from living a life full of exciting experiences. That decision began a life of building connections - connections to myself and to my purpose, connections to people whose company nourished and inspired me, connections to a spirituality which is deeply rooted in nature, connections to a sense of community and connections to place. It hasn’t always been easy, but I realise how vital those connections are to my deep sense of wellbeing, what Brené Brown calls ‘wholehearted living’.

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I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to live a full, balanced and connected life and sometimes we just need a little help to hear the inner guidance that leads us there. 


More recently, having spent years working in the legal world, I realised that I wanted a more fulfilling career, working closely with people and building human connections, so after a great deal of personal reflection I decided to take the leap and retrain as a Transformational Life Coach with Animas, an International Coaching Federation accredited training school. 

I am intensely curious about people, their unique gifts and visions. When you work with me, you will find I have a passion for deeply listening to your stories and using my intuition to help you come to realisations about yourself and your true potential which may be hidden from you at the moment. I want to work with you to overcome self-doubt and effect change in your life, to encourage you to be courageous enough to take that leap into the unknown and follow your instincts. I want to help you to clear any hurdles in your path as you progress on this new and exciting journey. 

I see huge value in creating a nurturing space for my clients to discuss their feelings and ideas openly, without fear of judgment or interruption. In this way, a coaching session is a rare gift of time that you give yourself for reflective thought and moments of calm reconnection to self. Instead of letting your mind chatter take over and fill your head with worries, insecurities and anxiety, you allow yourself the time to voice those thoughts, look at the evidence for them and hopefully overcome them.

In my personal life I work with the energies present in nature for healing and to gain guidance. I weave this into my work as a coach, helping people connect to something beyond their everyday world, whatever that means to them. I love connecting people to the landscape they live in and guiding them towards balance through living in alignment with the energy of the year's seasonal changes. 

I took a massive leap of faith in 2018 and moved onto a narrowboat in London. Becoming nomadic and moving into a small space without mains electricity forced me to slow down and simplify my life and while you may not want to take such a drastic step as moving onto the water, I can use the learning I gained during that process to help you simplify your life and connect to what is truly important. 

I am a fully qualified coach and hold a Diploma in Transformational Coaching from Animas, a training school accredited by the two main professional bodies for coaching: the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Association for Coaching.

I subscribe to the ICF Code of Ethics which defines the core values, ethical principles and standards to be applied by coaching professionals. 

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